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Custom Birth Flower Page Holder-Blossom Thumb Bookmarks

Custom Birth Flower Page Holder-Blossom Thumb Bookmarks

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Our Blossom Thumb Bookmarks are not just placeholders—they're a handcrafted tribute to the beauty of literature and nature's allure. These transparent resin bookmarks are adorned with a cascade of real birth month flowers, each one hand-selected and preserved to capture the essence of the season.

Designed to comfortably fit over your thumb, they allow for effortless page holding while immersing in your favorite book. The subtle curve and smooth finish ensure your pages stay pristine, while the vibrant petals provide a touch of organic elegance.

Perfect for avid readers and floral enthusiasts alike, these thumb bookmarks make reading more enjoyable and stylish. Each piece comes thoughtfully packaged in a delicate gift box, ready to enchant any book lover as a birthday present, a special thank you, or a just-because gift.


  • Ergonomic design for comfortable reading
  • Genuine, hand-picked flowers set in quality resin
  • Fits snugly over the thumb for easy page separation
  • Protects pages from bending and damage
  • Comes in a charming gift box, ideal for gifting

Slide a piece of nature's splendor onto your thumb with our Blossom Thumb Bookmarks and transform your reading experience into an occasion of beauty and relaxation.

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