Welcome to CraftCheryl, the unique realm where nature's beauty is encapsulated in exquisite handcrafted treasures. I'm Cheryl, the founder, creator, and designer behind this enchanting website.

My journey began in the lush gardens of my childhood, which were more than mere playgrounds; they were the pages of my fairy tale storybooks. Each season narrated a different tale, inspiring a lifelong passion for all things floral and botanical. This love blossomed further as I grew, finding expression in floral jewelry, attire adorned with fruit and flower motifs, and a career punctuated by creativity.

CraftCheryl was born out of a serendipitous encounter with the art of epoxy resin. This medium allowed me to capture the ephemeral beauty of nature in a form that lasts forever. My creations are not just products; they are stories frozen in time, unique gifts that convey the enchanting tales of nature's wonders.

Each piece here is handcrafted with utmost care, ensuring that you receive a gift as unique as the person you're thinking of. Whether it's a treat for yourself or a thoughtful present for someone special, our resin art embodies the essence of flowers and fruits, crafted to add a touch of nature's magic to your life.

Our commitment at CraftCheryl is to bring you handcrafted gifts that are as distinctive as they are beautiful. We believe in the power of nature to inspire, and it's this inspiration that we infuse into every piece we create. From the depths of nature's palette to your doorstep, we promise an array of products that are not just made, but lovingly crafted.

Join us in this journey of creativity and nature, and let's celebrate the beauty that blooms around us.